Newness and Wonder

Hello Friends! I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely fall. We are just now getting cooler temperatures but the trees around my house are remaining stubbornly green. As much Newness and Wonder Cover LARGE EBOOKas I love life here in Middle Tennessee, it’s this time of year that makes me miss mountain living. A big part of my heart remains in Western North Carolina, where my family spent six wonderful years of lower humidity and gorgeous autumns as well as fun-filled holiday traditions.

Last week, I launched a new book along with a new brand. My first contemporary romance under the pen name Alexis Lynne, Newness and Wonder, is a heartwarming holiday romance set in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. This was my “just for fun” book, the one my husband insisted I write to get me out of my funk after Surrendering the Past. What a fantastic idea that was! I got to explore wonderful memories while building this future series –The Sylvan Hills Series– and I am once again excited about all the possibilities that publishing my work can bring.

Alexis Lynne will dominate my writing for at least the next year, but I will re-publish Surrendering the Past and release Redeeming the Past in 2020. I am currently, very slowly, working to combine all my social media accounts into one Pamela Lynne/Alexis Lynne body. I admire the authors out there who can keep everything separate without going bonkers. I’m not one of them. I need everything streamlined in my work as my family continues to grow and needs more of my time and focus.

For those who might be wondering, I have no plans to continue writing Jane Austen re-tellings. I am proud of the three I produced, but my muse has been drawn away from JAFF for quite a while now. Austen remains my favorite author and my primary influence, but as I grow as a reader my writing grows as well. I crave new characters and varied settings and ignoring the need to create something new is impossible. I wouldn’t even want to try.

Although writing as always given me a thrill, I have not been this excited about publishing in a long time. My heart nearly bursts when I see my also boughts on Amazon include contemporary authors who gave me such comfort during two long pregnancies. Nothing beats being included with people you respect and admire.

Newness and Wonder is available in all the usual places and I have a limited number of signed paperbacks available for purchase here on the website. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season filled with good cheer and great books. Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Newness and Wonder

  1. Lots of changes in your life. It is like when you are in a sailboat, when the wind changes, you have to change with it. I respect your decisions and look forward to what Alexis Lynne has to say. I checked Amazon and thought the book blurb sounded interesting. It is on my wish list. Blessings on this new venture.

  2. I like to think of the John Denver song ‘Follow me where I go, what I do and who I know…Take my hand and I will follow you.’ I loved ‘Newness and Wonder’ looking forward to the Charlotte’s story next! You have to go where the Muse takes you as you grow through life. Life is one big adventure if you have the courage to grab it! I think you are hugging it well!

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